Taylor Swift’s Corduroy Pants In "Lavender Haze" Taps Into ‘70s Style

Now everyone will want a pair.

For those who didn’t catch Taylor Swift’s announcement on Instagram, which she made less than 24 hours ago to be fair, her music video for “Lavender Haze” came out at midnight. (This was appropriate as her new album is called, you guessed it, Midnights.) Per usual, the singer left plenty of hidden references to her past romantic relationships, which her fans will happily decode in the days and weeks ahead. For Swifties who love and closely follow her style, too, you’ll find a good amount of sartorial inspiration. In “Lavender Haze,” Swift wore corduroy pants, which was a clever styling choice as they perfectly fit with the video’s retro-inspired aesthetic. Armhole Tank

Taylor Swift’s Corduroy Pants In "Lavender Haze" Taps Into ‘70s Style

Swift’s mustard-hued pants came from BP., Nordstrom’s private label brand, and were surprisingly affordable at $55. What’s more, the bottoms featured distinct front pocket details that connected with belt loops, making the ‘70s-inspired design feel even more unique. Swift teamed them with an open-back, chevron-striped knit tank from MOTHER, which beautifully rounded out her vintage look.

You might recall that the singer actually revealed the aforementioned corduroy outfit months ahead of the music video release. She initially shared the look on Instagram back in September 2022, where Swifties quickly speculated that she would wear the ensemble in a music video — and they were right!

“She HAS to be making a music video with this makeup…” one fan commented under an Instagram post shared by the Taylor Swift Style account. “Also looking at the floor, the wood paneling on the walls, and the hint of curtain we see … all very ‘70s. I don’t see her redecorating a recording studio just to record…” another user added.

This wasn’t the only notable vintage fashion moment from “Lavender Haze.” In another shot, Swift wore a fuzzy, lavender-hued coat (perhaps a sartorial pun in reference to the song’s name?) with a lacy, baby blue slip dress layered underneath.

Taylor Swift’s Corduroy Pants In "Lavender Haze" Taps Into ‘70s Style

Dungaree Shorts Swift’s exact bottoms are currently out of stock. Thankfully, other brands like Nili Lotan and Burberry offer identical options, too, which you can promptly shop in TZR’s edit below.