24 Best Wireless Chargers (2023): Pads, Stands, iPhone Docks, and More | WIRED

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24 Best Wireless Chargers (2023): Pads, Stands, iPhone Docks, and More | WIRED

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Wireless charging isn't nearly as cool as it sounds. It's not exactly wireless—a cord runs from an outlet to the charging pad—and it won't charge your smartphone faster than plugging it in with a good ol’ cord. Still, I'm always disappointed when I test a smartphone that doesn't support it. I've gotten used to simply plopping my phone down on a pad every night, and fishing for a cable in the dark feels like a chore. It's pure convenience more than anything else.

After testing more than 80 products over the past few years, we've sorted the good from the bad (there are certainly bad ones) and have identified the best wireless chargers. There are so many styles, shapes, and build materials that you have a lot of options, including stands, pads, wireless battery packs, and models that even double as headphone stands.

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Updated August 2023: We added chargers from Belkin, OtterBox, Xiaomi, Courant, and Nomad, removed some discontinued chargers, and updated prices.

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You’ll see “Compatible with iPhones and Android phones” under each slide, and that means the charger has a standard charging speed of 7.5 watts for iPhones or 10 watts for Android phones (including Samsung Galaxy phones). If it charges faster or slower, we'll indicate it. We've tested these with multiple devices, but there's always a chance your phone will charge slowly or won’t work because the case is too thick or its charging coil doesn't align well with the charger.

I love it when wireless chargers try to be more than just boring plinths. It's something that sits in your home—it should at least look nice! That's why I love the PowerPic Mod from Twelve South. The charger itself is embedded inside a clear acrylic resin. What makes it special is you can add a 4 x 6 photo or custom artwork of your own choosing over the charging module and keep the image secure with a transparent magnetic cover. Slot the charger into the base, plug in the USB-C cable, and that's it. Now you've got a wireless charger that doubles as a photo frame when it's not in use. Just remember to print your own photo (and supply your own 20-watt power adapter).

Compatible with iPhones and Android phones.

We previously recommended Nomad's Base Station Mini as the best wireless charging pad, but as it's out of stock, the new Nomad Base has supplanted it in our eyes. If you have an iPhone with MagSafe, you should get the Base One, which is officially certified to dish out the maximum 15 watts needed for fast charging. If not, the standard Base (which still has MagSafe support) will still recharge MagSafe and non-MagSafe iPhones at 7.5 watts, and Android phones up to 15 watts. There's an integrated 2-meter USB-C cable in the box but no power adapter (I like this Nomad 20-watt one).

The pad itself has a metal chassis with piano-black glass surrounding the wireless charging pad. It's hefty, so it won't slide around on a desk either. Compatible with iPhones, fast 15-W charging for Android phones.

Anker's pad and stand prove you don't need to spend much for wireless charging. They're both made from plastic with a rubbery finish on the bottom to prevent slips and slides, though it's not too grippy. A tiny LED lights up blue when it’s charging and flashes to indicate there’s a problem. We prefer stands over pads, because you can easily see your phone notifications, but Anker's pad is so cheap you could grab a few to scatter around your home. Both come with a 4-foot MicroUSB cable, but you have to supply your own power adapter. That’s not a big surprise at this price. Most importantly, they'll charge your phone every bit as capably as the other options in our guide.

Compatible with iPhones and Android phones.

Apple's iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 phones are outfitted with magnets so that you can slap MagSafe accessories on the back, like this MagSafe Wireless Charger. Since the charger magnetically stays attached, you don't have to worry about accidental misalignments causing you to wake up to a dead device. Plus, it recharges your iPhone faster than any other wireless system thanks to the coils being perfectly aligned, and the magnets let you keep using your phone while it's charging. (That's tough with most wireless chargers.)

Unfortunately, the cable isn't very long, and the puck itself will be rendered useless if you don't use a MagSafe-compatible case. There's no charging adapter. We've tested and recommend several other MagSafe wireless chargers in our Best MagSafe Accessories guide, in case you want to look at more options.

Fast 15-W charging for iPhone 12 or newer; not recommended for Android phones.

Don't fiddle with cables again, even in the car. This versatile car mount from iOttie comes in two flavors, a suction cup for the dashboard/windshield or a CD/vent mount that clips into place. Adjust the height of the feet so your phone is always in the sweet spot for charging. The arms close around your phone automatically when it hits the trigger on the back of the mount, so you can place your device one-handed. (A release bar extends on either side so you can take your phone out again.) The mount has a MicroUSB port to plug in the supplied cable; just stick the other end in your car’s power socket. It handily includes a second USB-A port you can use to charge another phone. Read our Best Car Phone Mounts and Chargers guide for more recommendations.

Compatible with iPhones and Android phones.

★ MagSafe alternatives: Got an iPhone with MagSafe? The iOttie Velox Wireless Charging Car Mount ($50) is a minimalist option that slots into an air vent and has strong magnets to keep your iPhone securely in place. We also really like Peak Design's MagSafe Vent Mount ($100), which stays securely in place and comes with a USB-C cable.

The silicone surface of this wireless charger easily accumulates dust and lint, but that might not matter to you if you're shopping for the most eco-friendly charger. It's made of recycled silicone, the texture of which helps keep phones from sliding off the surface. The rest of it is made with post-consumer plastic and alloy, and even the packaging is plastic-free. Better yet, if you have an iPhone 12, iPhone 13, or iPhone 14, the magnets inside the Apollo will keep your iPhone aligned perfectly for more efficient charging, even if they're not as strong as normal MagSafe wireless chargers. It comes with a 20-watt charging adapter and cable.

Compatible with iPhones, fast 15-W charging for Android phones.

Chances are you don't want too many LEDs in your face when you're sleeping. The LED on the second-gen Pixel Stand briefly lights up when you place a phone on it and disappears quickly so as to not bother you. This charger is best paired with a Google Pixel smartphone because it enables additional perks, like turning your Pixel into a sunrise alarm clock that sees the screen glowing orange right before your alarm starts to ring, mimicking the sunrise. You can also convert your phone into a digital photo frame with Google Photos albums populating the screen, and have it trigger Bedtime Mode, which turns on Do Not Disturb and makes your screen gray to help you put your phone down. There's a built-in fan to keep your device cool as it fast-charges; it's audible in a quiet room, but you can turn the fan off in your Pixel's settings to keep it silent. It comes with a cable and adapter.

This charger still works great with other smartphones, you just won't be able to access many of those Pixel features. The biggest downside? Charging only works in portrait orientation. Oh, and it's definitely overpriced. The good news is the first-gen Pixel Stand is still available for much less; you can recharge your phone in landscape and portrait orientation, and I daresay it looks more interesting.

Compatible with iPhones, fast 23-W (Pixel 6 Pro), 21-W (Pixel 6 and 7), and 15-W charging for Android phones.

Ah, the holy Apple trinity. If you have an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods (or honestly, any kind of earbuds with a wireless charging case), you'll love this T-shaped Belkin stand. It's a MagSafe charger, so it'll suspend your magnet-enabled iPhone 12, iPhone 13, or iPhone 14 as if it's floating in mid-air (and charge it at the fastest 15-watt speed, too). The Apple Watch will stick to its little puck, and you can recharge your earbuds at the base. It's excellent. Belkin has a pad version if you'd like, but it takes up more room and isn't as fun as the tree (what I call the stand). Find more options in our Best Apple 3-in-1 Wireless Chargers guide.

Fast 15-W charging for iPhone 12 or newer, made for Apple devices.

★ A cheaper 3-in-1 MagSafe charger: I've been surprisingly happy with this Monoprice MagSafe 3-in-1 Stand ($40). It feels cheap, but the MagSafe charger works well for MagSafe iPhones, and the base recharges my AirPods Pro with no issues. You have to supply your own Apple Watch charger and install it in the designated area, which was easy enough. It's hard to complain considering the price.

Wireless chargers should look nice. You shouldn't settle for anything less! This Courant dual charger oozes luxury with its Belgian linen-wrapped surface (especially in the camel color). I've used it by my front door to recharge my partner's and my own wireless earbuds for two years. The rubber feet prevent it from shifting around, but even if there are five coils in this pad, you should try to be precise when you put your device down to charge and make sure the LED lights up to double-check. It comes with a color-matching USB-C cable.

Compatible with iPhones and Android phones.

Wireless chargers are usually plastic and rarely blend in with their surroundings, but Kerf’s chargers are covered with 100 percent natural and locally sourced wood. Choose from 15 wood finishes, from walnut to Canary, and each will come with a cork base to prevent slips. Starting from $50, these chargers can get expensive if you opt for rarer woods. You have the option of engraving it. You can choose whether to get a cable and power supply ($20 extra), which is a nice way to prevent electronic waste if you already have those.

Compatible with iPhones and Android phones.

This dual-charging system looks pretty—I like the fabric-wrapped stand—and you can charge another device on the rubberized charging pad next to it. The stand can be used in portrait or landscape, though in the latter orientation it'll block the pad. I like using the pad to top up my wireless earbuds, but I wouldn't use this iOttie on a nightstand because the LED on the front can be glaring. A cable and adapter are included, which makes it a good value.

Compatible with iPhones and Android phones.

This wireless charger isn't so much a Tesla product but more a FreePower one, considering it's the company's technology inside. Its first-gen tech was inside a Nomad charger we liked, but this is the second generation, and it's much better. The idea is you can place your devices (up to three) anywhere on the surface and the 30 coils inside the charger will identify exactly where to deliver power (up to 15 watts each). No precise placement necessary! I've been using it to charge my wife's and my wireless earbuds cases for months, and it's great not having to place them exactly in a certain spot.

It comes with an integrated USB-C cable, a magnetic detachable stand to keep phone screens angled toward you (if you want), and a 65-watt power adapter. It feels luxe, and I love being able to charge all my devices without having to be careful where I place them, but $300 is also a stupid amount of money to spend on a wireless charger.

24 Best Wireless Chargers (2023): Pads, Stands, iPhone Docks, and More | WIRED

Wireless Charging Platform Compatible with iPhones, 15-W charging for Android phones.