“Mirror, mirror on the wall, please connect me to the conference call.” These bathroom products turn on and off via automated commands. Other features include thermal disinfection, scald protection, hygienic flushing, and more.

It lasted a lifetime/15 years Simple Wash Basin Mirror

Connected technologies bring luxurious features to the bathroom

This ceramic bathroom furniture collection features a smart mirror vanity with touchless icons to control ambient lighting and myriad other functions. When paired with Duravit’s electronic faucet, D.1e, the unit displays water temperature via the color of the light on the handle, from a cold blue to a hot red.

RP WASHLET+ RX Wall-Hung Toilet TOTO

This high-tech potty is outfitted with a concealed connection that can support up to 880 pounds. Spalike functions include an automatic air deodorizer, a warm air dryer, and a heated seat with temperature control—and, obviously, auto flush.

Vertically integrated company Katerra recently launched KOVA, a division of modular appliances, plumbing, and lighting to outfit entire projects. The KOVA Select Plumbing System encapsulates the full scope of products needed for any bathroom (or kitchen), including faucets, shower mixers, diverter valves, and more.

Hi-Tech Bluetooth Mirror Strasser Woodenworks

This fully automated mirror with LED lighting—perfect for makeup application—also features Bluetooth-enabled sound, defogging heat, and touch controls. It is offered in three sizes: 24-by-36 inches, 36-by-36 inches, and 48-by-36 inches.

TapeMat Kit with SunStat Connect Wi-Fi Thermostat SunTouch

The newest addition to this family of electric floor heating products is a programmable, touch-screen thermostat control, the SunStat Connect Wi-Fi. The kit comes complete with everything needed for assembly, including peel-and-stick tape for easy and quick installation. The 2-foot-wide TapeMat is available in various lengths.

Water Leak & Freeze Detector Roost

Connected technologies bring luxurious features to the bathroom

Washroom Vanity Mirror Detect leaks and frozen pipes with this sensor that sends alerts via the Roost app. Place it anywhere where a potential threat exists; underneath a sink, near toilets, or by pipes that could freeze.