Multivac launches Top Wrap and Top Close | Labels & Labeling

Multivac has been working on optimizing the sustainability and efficiency of packaging and labeling concepts, already setting the benchmark in the sector with its full wrap labeling. 

The new Top Wrap involves applying a label to the top and both sides of the tray, while Top Close seals the tray closed just with a label from above. Both concepts are suitable for fresh products, which do not have to be packed under modified atmosphere or airtight in a vacuum.  Chocolate Tasting Box

Multivac launches Top Wrap and Top Close | Labels & Labeling

Both products provide a strong purchasing incentive thanks to their attractive label and recyclable pack. The self-adhesive labels on a backing material offer a large area for customer information and marketing purposes and open up a wide range of possibilities for product presentation in terms of material thickness and label shape. 

‘Thanks to a combination of cardboard trays and standard self-adhesive labels made of paper or renewable materials, this pack can be sorted into its separate components for recycling,’ said Michael Reffke, product manager for labeling technology at Multivac Marking & Inspection. 

Additionally, the Top Wrap can be used with film labels made of polypropylene, providing the optimum view of the product thanks to a transparent window on the top of the tray. Since the backing material is not peeled off in this area, the content of the tray is protected against contact with the label adhesive. 

The new Top Close is suitable for plastic or cardboard trays with a wide flange or round trays. The label only adheres to the flanges of the tray and thanks to an adhesive-free zone or retention of the backing material in the middle of the label, the product does not come into contact with the adhesive. Transparent labels allow an optimum product view, while ventilation holes ensure air circulation. The label can also be printed on the labeler itself with a best-before date, for example, and it is even possible to inspect the print on the label.

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Multivac launches Top Wrap and Top Close | Labels & Labeling

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