Scotland County Hospital buys 2 new X-ray machines | KHQA

by KTVO News Desk/Scotland County Hospital

MEMPHIS, Mo. — Scotland County Hospital (SCH) now has two new X-ray machines. One of them was paid for by American Rescue Plan Act funds the hospital received from Scotland County commissioners. Dental Motor

Scotland County Hospital buys 2 new X-ray machines | KHQA

A new mobile X-Ray unit was purchased with this money. The price tag was $94,869. The new Canon brand portable X-ray machine replaced the hospital's old machine that was manufactured in 2004.

The portable machine helps eliminate the need to transport patients within the hospital.

SCH officials say in situations involving critically ill or injured patients, transporting them for chest, skeletal or abdominal X-rays to the Radiology Department could lead to more complications.

Additionally, the ability to do imaging at the patient's bedside can limit the spread of diseases, like COVID-19.

The portable unit is primarily used in the Emergency Department and Medical/Surgical Floor. Occasionally, technicians wheel it to the operating room.

In addition to the new portable machine, the Imaging Center at Scotland County Hospital also installed a new room-based X-Ray machine.

A room was renovated to accommodate the new machine and accompanying technology.

Hospital personnel say the new machine offers extensive flexibility that the old machine and room did not.

The new X-ray table has an elevating float-top table to serve the needs of patients of all sizes and mobility.

Scotland County Hospital buys 2 new X-ray machines | KHQA

Dental Unit For Sale The new room-based unit is on a lease agreement with Canon.