Moog features the following technologies:

Moog’s controls and actuation products for fin control actuation systems (CAS) steer torpedoes such as the Mark 48 (Mk 48) and other underwater platforms. This affordable technology is also utilized in electromechanical (EM) systems for high-volume airborne missile steering applications, and multi-axis fin control for unmanned undersea vehicles (UUV). Moog’s actuation systems provide quiet operation and are pressure compensated for deep seawater submersion. The CAS portfolio has various torque and power ranges as well as multiple communication protocols. Power Tilt Actuator

Also on display, the Moog Tritech Diver Mounted Display with Gemini Sonar which uses sonar technology to give divers vision in water with zero visibility. Using the sonar image as a guide, targets are easily identifiable from ranges up to 120m (over 130yds). The sonar can send images to a team topside, so they are able to examine the image and send actionable messages to the diver. The system has availability to be either tethered or untethered to fit all diving needs.

Moog’s rack and pinion rotary actuators have proudly served as the primary mode of hydraulic rotary movement for the submarine fleet since the beginning of the U.S. Nuclear Navy. This is attributed to their reliable, efficient, and precise engineering. Moog’s family of rack and pinion rotary actuators are available in a wide range of size and performance and are also utilized on other Department of Defense, government infrastructure, and support equipment for sea, air, and space applications.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to attend SAS 2021 in person again. Engaging with industry professionals and naval representatives from around the globe is always beneficial. This year we feature our precise, efficient, and reliable naval systems solutions.”

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