Texas KFOX-TV's Erika Castillo allegedly drove onto man's lawn

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After her Thursday evening newscast, a Texas TV anchor reportedly turned herself into police who intended to bust her for allegedly driving a car onto a man’s lawn and demanding money. Heavy Duty Tie Down Points


Erika Bryan — who goes by Erika Castillo at KFOX-TV, where she is the prime-time news anchor — was arrested and released by the El Paso Police Department after being charged with criminal mischief in a wild June 2021 incident, according to TV station KTSM.

In the abrupt encounter, the anchor woman allegedly drove to the home of an unnamed man who’d been doing business with her husband, Shawn Bryan.

Ring door cameras caught the anchor woman driving a Jeep Cherokee onto the sidewalk, then about 40 feet over the front lawn of the home of the former business associate before parking the vehicle on the front steps.

An unidentified person inside the home went to the front yard, telling Bryan the person she was looking for wasn’t home. The long-time journalist “began yelling that the victim was stealing money from her husband,” the outlet reported.

When the homeowner returned later, he learned of the surprise visit and discovered his concrete front steps had been damaged. He called cops to turn her in, telling them he’d had an on-going civil dispute with Bryan’s husband, who owned SuperStar Motors car dealership, which has since closed.

Bryan did not respond to The Post’s request for comment.

The former business partner also handed over text messages between him and Erika Bryan.

“Need our title that you owe us ASAP and that’s why I was there and I need them ASAP,” one text read, the station reported.

“We will get the step repaired. I sorry [sic] but I told you last week I park as close as possible because it is so steep and I was in a hurry,” said another text.

KFOX would not answer questions about their star anchor’s arrest, including whether she would be back after her run-in with the law.


Anchor D Ring “We are aware of the situation and are assessing the matter internally,” the station told The Post in an email. “We do not have any further comment at this time.”