13 Bedroom Chandeliers That Will Add A Touch Of Glamour

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Add some serious wow factor with these unique bedroom chandeliers. Ceiling Lights

13 Bedroom Chandeliers That Will Add A Touch Of Glamour

Inspired by 14th century French palaces, chandeliers boast decadent draping branches, tall glass arms and luxurious crystal detailing. They are traditionally known as a trademark of large, stately homes, but a rise in recent searches for bedroom chandeliers has sparked a resurgence of the chandelier in a new, contemporary form.

No matter your style, you can level up your bedroom aesthetic with a statement chandelier – whether that's with a traditional glass chandelier, an industrial metal design or even a bohemian-inspired rattan chandelier. Here are just some of the chandelier types to consider:

Chandeliers are a great way to add a real statement to your bedroom, but it's important that they are treated with care (especially if you're working with materials such as glass). If you opt for a crystal chandelier, we recommend cleaning it once every six months to ensure it stays sparkling new.

The way you clean your chandelier will depend on the material, but as a general rule of thumb, wipe it down with a microfibre cloth sprayed with cleaning solution. If you're working with glass, don't forget to wear gloves to avoid fingerprints!

Keep reading to discover our favourite bedroom chandelier picks.

Keep it classic with a crystal chandelier. This three-arm chandelier emulates the traditional French chandelier design, bringing a classy, refined touch to your bedroom. The faceted crystals refract light around the room to create a bright, inviting space.

The draped wooden beads of this chandelier give it a relaxed, rustic look that's in-keeping with bohemian interior design. This unique piece is designed with an exposed bulb profile to create a warm, atmospheric glow.

Combining Art Deco glamour and period charm, this chandelier is the ultimate showstopper, turning an ordinary bedroom into a glamorous one in an instant. Central to the design is the intricately cut crystal glass embellishments – simply beautiful.

Designed with turned wood arms and antique brass metalwork, this chandelier will create a rustic farmhouse vibe in your bedroom. The linen shades are inspired by traditional country interiors, and there's even a floor and table lamp to complete the look.

Complete your industrial bedroom aesthetic with a matt black chandelier. When paired with exposed filament bulbs, this chandelier will give a cool, contemporary look to your bedroom. (Note: the bulbs aren't included.)

Create a bohemian boudoir with a rattan chandelier. Neutral wicker has been carefully woven into three shrinking tiers to create a chandelier that's striking yet relaxed in its appearance. Style with coordinating rattan pieces to complete your neutral look.

From the renowned lighting designers, Dar Lighting, is this grand chandelier with an antique gold band, illuminated by a staggering 13 lights. The best feature, of course, is the tiered glass rods which appear to float like an illusion. And let's not forget to mention its dazzling Art Deco influence!

With its elegantly tapered lantern design, this metal chandelier would create a striking focal point in any bedroom. It comes complete with a mirrored plate at the top which creates a floating illusion when looking up at it.

Featuring multiple arms that extend out from a centre globe, the sputnik chandelier is inspired by the first satellite to orbit the earth. We love the dandelion shape of this Qamra crystal chandelier – a contemporary take on a classic mid-century design.

When you think of chandeliers, you probably don't think of the words 'fringed' or 'cotton.' This vibrant chandelier has been created with a mustard yellow fringe to give off a vintage look with a modern twist. It's the perfect pop of colour!

Showcasing a gorgeous gold frame with refined alabaster discs, this statement ceiling light gives a mesmerising teardrop-like effect that’ll look stunning above your bed. We think it looks a lot pricier than it is at just £63.

Aside from its elegant design, we love that this chandelier is hand-crafted, meaning no two will be the same. This completely unique piece is made from cast iron and would look stunning in monochrome bedrooms.

With three layers of ribbed glass, this striking chandelier – held together by a satin brass frame – will create a wonderful glow as the light diffuses and diffracts in your bedroom. The chandelier is accentuated by the in-built candelabra-style lighting fixture.

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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

13 Bedroom Chandeliers That Will Add A Touch Of Glamour

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